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                                                                                      Initiation of new SUV Dennison Camp #1 members held at Veteran's Memorial in March 2000.

Lincoln Birthday Dinner at the                                   Initiation of new camp members
Buxton Inn, Granville, Ohio 



Members of SUV Dennison Camp #1 resetting stones and cleaning gravesites at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.                                      Dennison Camp #1 members and friends that helped at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.

Work party crew                                                        Work party at Greenlawn Cemetery       


Family assisting with flagging of veteran's graves on Memorial Day, 2000.                                Memorial Day Service at Circle M in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.

Flagging the Veterans graves                                  Memorial Day Service


Member posing in front of Chickamauga monument at the Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.                                                    Dennison Camp #1 Color Guard participating at the Alfred Cannon Memorial Dedication at Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Flagging at Greenlawn                                              Camp Color Guard


Firing squad participating in the Alfred Cannon Memorial Service at Canal Winchester, Ohio.                      SUV members at the Gen. William T. Sherman statue dedication ceremony in Lancaster, Ohio.

Alfred Cannon Memorial dedication                           Sherman Statute dedication at Lancaster, Ohio
at Canal Winchester, Ohio


The Parade of the Army of Ohio prior to the dedication ceremony for the statue of Gen. William T. Sherman in Lancaster, Ohio.                                The Gov. Dennison Camp #1 colors at the Sherman statue dedication.

Parade of the Ohio Army                                            Camp Colors


SUV Family Picnic                          2000 Labor Day Parade at Canal Winchester, Ohio

Camp picnic                                                                  Labor Day Parade at Canal Winchester, Ohio


Participants in the 2000 Labor Day Parade in Canal Winchester, Ohio.                               Camp kids at the 2000 Canal Winchester Labor Day Parade.

Labor Day Parade                                                        Camp kids


SUV Recruiting Tent at the 2000 Statehouse Encampment, Columbus Ohio.                            Members of SUV and SCV posing after having dinner together at a restaurant in Gahanna, Ohio.

Statehouse Encampment                                               Sons of Union Veterans
                                                                                        Sons of Confederate Veterans
                                                                                        dinner at Hoggy's in Columbus, Ohio


Award Presentation for Franklin County Graves Registration Project held at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.                               SUV members and friends posing in front of JC McCoy Momument at the Graves Registration Award Ceremony in Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus Ohio.

Graves Registration Award presentation                     Graves Registration Award
at Greenlawn Cemetery